The Cratiliation of the Mudeign Catalogue

The Mundeign Catalogue is presently being indexed. Taking the Psychoanalytic Inverse Semantic System based on Dr David Eder's landmark Framework for Minimum Redundant Information that was due to appear in his volume 'The Myth of Progress', all reviews in the catalogue will be randomly assigned a two-letter two-digit code (e.g. GZ50).

The spelling of Professor Mundeign's name (as used throughout the project) has caused a little confusion. In 1969 (the then undergraduate lexicographer) Yorvik Mundane was attacked by a Macaque Monkey and rendered unconscious. He spent seventeen days in a coma. When he regained his health, he was unable to spell the name Mundane, and thereafter had to use Mundeign as his signature.

(The Framework for Minimum Redundant Information was eventually discarded, and omitted from the volume)


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